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We built Apple's new Mac Pro!

So it's ready, it's here and going to be bundled this fall with Catalina. On other news, iTunes is gone finally. Probably the worst app ever made was replaced by..

Hot-rod Hackintoshes perform like the latest Mac Pro | Cult of Mac

Of course you're gonna stop laughing when you see the price or specs but overall it's a pretty hilarious design again. Mac Pro features Intel Xeon processors up to 28 cores, a high-performance memory system with a massive 1. Pretty impressive to be honest.

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Next Post Previous Post. I am long time hackintosh user. This blog was created with one reason in mind.

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Share what I've learned so far and provide you with resources which are useful during hackintosh experiments. It may look like a long road but believe me. But the most interesing part happened when new Mac Pro was introduced.

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Why have a perfectly serviceable Hackintosh when you can run MacOS on a year-old laptop that weighs 16 pounds? Or on a calculator? Whatever the form factor, we wanted to honor those intrepid souls who went the extra mile just because they could.

Building My $1,200 Hackintosh

While the iMac G3 shook the world with its fun, playful design that helped make computers more approachable, the Power Mac was meant for professionals, yet still retained the bubblegum stylings of its consumer sibling. A lot of people hook their MacBooks up to external monitors to give themselves a bit more screen real estate, but few of them do it like this. Their initial practice run consisted of hooking up a MacBook Pro to an Apple Multiple Scan 17 display from way back in Emboldened by this success, d0c70rd0raz10 took the next logical step: using a monochrome Apple Monitor II from The result is a distinctly Fallout -esque vibe.

The screen is rendered with a green, blurry effect overlaid with prominent scanlines. With a design inspired by the humble sunflower , the iMac G4 was a masterpiece of creative thinking in the computer world. So why not bolt the two together?

You can build a Hackintosh for cheaper than a Mac Mini, but it's so not the same

Despite the name, the Macintosh Portable was anything but lightweight. It clocked in at a beefy 16 pounds, much of which was made up by the totally safe-sounding lead-acid batteries. And you thought the Mac Pro was expensive.