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The fragmentation of files happens when computer is powered down without shutting down of Windows properly. By taking a step to defragmentation, it allocates the files in its proper place and helps the device to run in its ideal condition. Other than this, you can go with the installation of CCleaner.

10 Steps to make your Mac Run Faster & Free Up Memory

With its installation, wiping free space benefits you in other ways. When you wipe data in Windows, it means you have removed the reference file. And, the actual data is still present on your hard drive. However, you see empty space on the properties. The actual file will be removed only when you store new files to that area or drive space.

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Coming to the CCleaner, one of the benefits of wiping free space is- it helps you in removing actual files from the allocated space. And, this data can never be reconstructed or recovered. It means you get the real free space for storing new files on the drive. At first, you have to download and install CCleaner on the computer.

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Now, this process can be done in two ways i. It will ask for the confirmation.

Secure Wipe / Erase Hard Drive with CCleaner

Click and proceed to free up space. This process will keep your stored data intact.

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It will wipe off the disk space completely. Are you going to sell your computer or a third person is going to use your computer?

How to free space on a Mac

It is appreciable to wipe free space so that no one can recover your personal data. Click the "Do not show this message again" checkbox and the warning will be disabled. Due to the differences in how flash-based drives read and write data versus traditional magnetic media hard drives , it is not recommended to use Permanent Eraser or any other traditional hard drive wiping method on flash-based drives.

At this time, there does not seem to be a reliable method via software to erase data from flash-based drives.

How to Use Disk Utility to Securely Wipe the Data Stored on a Drive

The best advice is to encrypt your drive, which can help provide some measure of protection for your data. However, if Permanent Eraser that a file is located on a SSD, the file will only be erased once to prevent unnecessary overwriting.

This is a known issue with Permanent Eraser 2. Technical details: This issue was caused by Apple removing the srm utility from macOS Sierra, which is a necessary component for Permanent Eraser to run. Later versions of Permanent Eraser included a custom version of srm , so the application is not dependent upon the operating system to provide this utility.

An alias can only be deleted if it is in the Trash. Otherwise, trying to delete an alias will delete the original file, but not the alias. Some files not owned by the current user may not be able to be immediately deleted.

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