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Simple and effective controls are the top feature of this self-timer. To help iPhone users to take get ready for taking photos, it provides 3 seconds countdown sound effect, which is very thoughtful. Another feature loved by iPhone users is that it brings no extra advertisement which is kind of annoying beginning. Click to download and learn more.

This is somehow a one-step camera app for iPhone. You can use it to photograph stop-motion videos, take series of photos with burst mode, and take a selfie in good view. The brand new feature called Remote Shutter Control catches many users' eyes.

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It allows you to take photos via GorillaCam on a device while clicking the shutter on another device with GorillaCam as a remote. Even without selfie stick, you will find taking a selfie is such an easy thing. Click here to download it and have a try. The most impressive feature of this self-timer is its multi-shot mode.

Under this mode, you can set how many shots to take and how long each shot takes. You will be reminded by countdown beeper and be alerted when photos-taking finished. Welcome to download and have a try. Timer Auto-Camera empowers you to take group photos without leaving anyone during your family or friends get together.

Before taking photos, you can set a timer up to 60 seconds duration to earn you enough time to get into your position. After taking photos, you can zoom in and out to preview them and even share them from an album. Click here to get it free and have a try. The theme feature of this iTimer Cam is taking unattended but precious pictures with your family and friends.

To enable this, it allows you to take videos in 10 seconds. Better yet, if up to 12 shots are taken by this app, you are allowed to create a time-lapse video. The appearance of Self Timer looks like being built in a camera of iPhone which make you feel more familiar. You can set timer from 2 seconds to 60 seconds for multiple shots in sequence.

There are 5 countdown sounds before photos are captured. Zoom option is available for you to take pictures in a certain point of view clearly. Its powerful functions including clarity filter, high quality SLR lens, digital zoom, front flash let you shoot like a pro. Besides, it allows you to take pictures in horizontal level to avoid crooked shots. After taking photos, you can skim shots that you are not satisfied with and save on photos you love via Lightbox.

Retrica is a simple photos shooting app which has built in self-timer. You can get handsfree and even selfie stick free only if you set timer before taking photos. What's more, it adds color to your pictures album by allowing you to add the analog film, decorate your photos with stamp, etc.

It is available in App Store for free. Bet you find one app you like among above top 8 self-timer camera apps for iPhone.

10 Best Free Mac Photo Apps

If you happen to find other useful self-timer, share with us in the comment! Hi, to some extent I was just so down and tired about my husband sudden change in attitude, he is always on to his phone. Will the app automatically download all new photos, or can you multi-select photos to download?

The app works effectively, allowing you to set a timer up to 60 seconds. Once you have captured your shots, you will be able to drop them to your photo library and also blast those goodies on social media. Based on how many photos you want to capture, you can adjust the setting to take up to 10 images automatically. As for the timer, the app lets you fine-tune the duration from 3 seconds to 3 minutes.

Thanks to the countdown audio, you can stay in the loop and be able to snap cool selfies. It comes with multiple photo modes like night, slow shutter, burst, and HDR so that you can take stunning pics. You can also refine exposure, saturation, contrast and take advantage of filters to beautify your shots. Furthermore, Top Camera 2 boasts as many as 64 color correction filters to add some spark to your captured moments.

The intervalometer functionality of the ProTimer allows you to capture series of photos

This one is designed to let you capture fascinating shots. With the use of self-timer, you will be able to snap gorgeous photos. As there are several filters available, you can instantly transform the quality of your pics. The app also allows you to print your favorite shots for the keepsake.

Moreover, you will share your attractive photos on Facebook and Twitter to win praise from your friends and followers. In addition, you can also create GIFs and videos that are humorous and entertaining. On top of that, it also has an instant collage option, stickers, stamps, doodle, and more. Lastly, the app is free with limited features and there are a couple of subscription options to choose from.

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases Download. Retro Selfie boasts of a good many filters such as sepia, vignette, instant, chrome, noir, and mono to let you easily decorate your pics. Using neat camera effects, you can capture memorable shots. The self-timer allows you to give a cool pose before snapping the shots. The app also lets you save pics to Camera Roll and share on Facebook and Twitter. However, if you want to have a simple self-timer cam to capture photos with ease, it can stand up to your task. You can configure the app to shoot pics in 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds.

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It has a simple interface that makes customization hassle-free. It lets you save images for sharing on social media. It allows you to fine-tune the timer from 0 to 60 seconds. And you can perfectly set it up to capture up to 20 shots at regular intervals. The app comes with an efficient flashlight so that you will take nice-looking images even in the low-light. You can use the three cool grids to frame the scene. With the digital zoom in your kitty, you will also capture the distant objects with clarity.

Which one of these self-timer camera apps has won you over? Is it the one that is feature-rich or the one that is simple but pretty effective?

What Is Camera Timer?

It would be nice to know your pick in the comments below. If you have liked reading this article, you would want to have a glance at these app lists as well:. Reviews Apps iPhone. Best iPhone Camera Self-timer Apps in