Instalar mountain lion en mac mini 2007

I was about to give up again. Lubuntu That gave me a light blue screen that froze instead of a frozen dark blue screen. I let it sit for 3hrs each time.

fixed : install OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion on unsupported Macs

Issue with the version itself. Puppy 6.

I could barely see writing with a flashlight and reading glasses. It was minutes. A while back when I stumbled upon this I could finally understand why my efforts where pointless until then having a Macbook Pro 2,2 non-uniform body the late model. Even so I have a serious question to everybody here not just Matt. These superdrives just plain suck and make a lot of people around the world angry. So I tried the rEFInd route without luck. I only used self patched your script provided images of different distros for the installer and they can boot fine from the UEFI of my MSI motherboard.

I payed attention to reformat the partition table of the Macbook drive to MBR but still so. Anybody has had this experience? What do I need to reconfigure here? Do I have to tweak the bootloader after installation? Heck, EFI can be so wonky that even if you set it back, something might end up goofed up. Almost hesitant to recommend this now that I think about it….

Good luck in any case! Sorry for my ignorance. The EFI is bit only.

OS X El Capitan on Unsupported Macs | MacRumors Forums

Really nice stuff. However, Apple had BIOS-mode compatibility in their firmware, resulting in Windows being able to be installed without much fuss. So really, all was well. SL boots via bit EFI and runs bit apps on top. Windows boots in either bit or bit BIOS mode. No problems.

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Now we get to Linux. The way most Linux distros handled the addition of EFI was to basically incorporate it rather than split it off into a separate image. It sees EFI on the install disk and tries to run it. Kind of, but this gets painful. You need a bit EFI bootloader capable of loading the bit distro and configured to do so. Assuming you get it going, the next problem is updates.

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They went to lengths to make it work. Alright, that was longer than expected. That said, if you want to pursue bit via bit EFI bootloader, by all means feel free to do so. This dear Matt deserves an article in itself.

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Very valuable information very well explained. Spot on. Thank you for taking your time to help people getting in a right direction or even provide them with full solutions. I bet this bit of yours could further enlighten a LOT of fellow Mac veterans. Thank you so much. Hopefully it will result for somebody in success and lots of tutorials and articles around the web on how to accomplish it. Have a very nice week. Saludos from Mexico! I would like to suggest you to convert Linux Lite Iso for us.

It is light and looks fine. The system freezes, the screen saver also freezes, leaving to me the only option to reboot the system. Any clue for making the GPU work better? May not be easy to get inside with the air you almost have to disassemble Macs to get at the dust , but do your best.

If the GPU is overheating, a stress test should get that crash happening fast. Come to think of it, I had a few AMD video cards from around that era die pretty fast. Maybe not the route to go. Thanks for your response Matt. I actually disabled screensaver which was one of the things causing the freeze and sleep is also disabled. The fans seem to be running fine, not noisy at all.

I will continue testing everything, for now it is running fine. Please keep up the great work with theses converted ISOs. Thanks so much for this guide! Saved it to Evernote. Simplest tutorial I have found for creating mac-specific images. Thank you so much for offering this solution. I just installed Ubuntu Studio Which in itself takes an acceptable 1 minute or so.

Would you know why that is, and what to do about it? Then upon restart you should be looking at closer to 5 seconds on that initial screen. Thank you so much for your response, and then, so fast too! It was such a great moment when after a day of tinkering working with a keyboard with a faulty spacebar, which prevented me from entering anything useful in the terminal, and then I know zilch about Macs anyway I found your blog. Just brilliant. I appreciate the thought. I have a donate button up now for those who might like to send some direct support through that medium.

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Thanks a lot for this resource page. I have an old Mac Pro 2. SInce the OS X setup is quite a hack at the moment, switching to a Linux sounds like a good option for this machine. Thanks to your work I fell I can manage to do it within the time I have available for this project. All of these bit EFI models.

You can certainly try with a typical install, but there seems to be a need for manual partitioning quite frequently, and sometimes some other hiccups along the way. Some other tidbits as well if you want to peek through and see what they and others have done.

Markus in the comments above got Ubuntu Process was creating an empty bootcamp partition, restarting with CMD-ALT, then it loaded the disk and he was able to continue. Note that USB flash drives seem to be problematic. Would you please advise. Thank you.

Will likely need more info. Hi Matt, this is Igor from Brazil. The computer auto reboots itself after a power failure. Any clue how to fix that? Thanks once again. Using setpci the wrong way could very well mess something up on the system that ends up being really hard to undo. Using the Apple-provided tools on the other hand should be predictable and reliable. Your post a solved a huge problem for me b proved to me that there is still good in this world :- c Allows me to boot up my LinuxFormat DVDs that come to me monthly in the mail.

I was able to try our your build of Fedora 26 and Lxde-Ubuntu on my still awesome but Google chrome stopped being supported Macbook from …it still flies with its fusion drive that I installed esp with Linux even when compared to my Retina MabookPro…. Glad it worked, though credit for the C program itself and work done in the original Mac-specific Blogging about the journey definitely sounds good!

Sometimes people run into hiccups or are concerned they will and are hesitant to try.