Burn mac os lion to dvd

By burning your own Lion disc, you can painlessly do clean installs on all your machines. Another reason to have a physical install disc is if you have Macs in an area with poor or no Internet. Apple has suggested that Mac owners come into Apple Retail Stores and download Lion on the store Internet connection -- useful for some, but some people live hours from the nearest Apple Store.

By burning a disc, users can download Lion only once, and install it easily on all their Macs. Here's how to do it.

Burning Mountain Lion on a DVD

As posted by Egg Freckles, this method should work in the final retail release of Lion: - Once Lion is released, purchase and download it from the Mac App Store. Select 'Show Package Contents'. Inside that is the Lion Installer. It's called 'InstallESD. You should see a little green plus icon if you did it right. Head to the Go menu in the Finder and select 'Utilities'.

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

Disk Utility should be in there. Once it's finished, you'll have a shiny new Lion install DVD. You can now install Lion on whatever machines you like, just as if you'd purchased the install disc from your local Apple Store.

Lion is expected to launch on the Mac App Store this week. Top Rated Comments View all. We waited on purpose. Tomorrow, by some reports. Steve's Barber.

How to Create a Burn Folder in Mac OS X Lion

I'm probably one of the few here that are old enough to see the humor in this. Used to "notch" those babies all the time with a paper punch. Why would Apple "close" this way? The ability to make a boot-disc won't prevent anyone from buying Lion. Making boot discs is easy. I've been making SD card boot discs since the first Lion developer preview. I'm not sure why people are worried about, first, the ability to make one since you already can, and have been able to from the beginning , and second, whether Apple will take away this option.

Please insert this disk labeled 21, to complete the installation. Disk read error setup cannot continue please insert disk 1 to restart the installation process LOL.

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How big is the install file? Will it fit?

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Burn DMG to bootable macOS Install DVD in Windows

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Making an OS X Mountain Lion bootable Drive or DVD

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