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Is there anyone else you could see using it on? Oh, definitely.

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We work together quite a bit, and we wanted to really see that pretty fuchsia red. When you think Marilyn Monroe, her eyes are always fairly neutral, but we wanted to do something a little bit more modern and we've had a really, really big amount of success with frosted shadows. I was thinking, what if Marilyn Monroe were alive today, what would she do?

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And I was thinking a really neutral, sparkly eye. So I talked to product development about doing a sort of ivory frost color or a really pretty metallic blue silver, which is a little unexpected for Marilyn Monroe, but it kind of works out with the red lip. What do you think it is about Marilyn's look that's so timeless and enduring?

She's a really really rare combination of totally sexy and sensual, but she was also really cute. It's kind of hard to find that blend in a person. I actually think of Gwen Stefani, and I think she can be really sexy and vampy but there's a cuteness about her—I think Marilyn had that same appeal.

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She was the ultimate bombshell, the volume was always turned up. Her hair was always a little bigger and whiter, her lips were redder and her dresses were tighter and her hips were curvier. She had this larger than life persona that I think so many people, men and women, were attracted to. The red lip for sure. I loved the way she shaped her lips—when I was researching this collection and when I was researching her and going in deep about her makeup secrets, I read that she and her makeup artist would collaborate and do like five or six different reds—like one deeper on the outer edge of her mouth, another one in the center just to make her lips look really dimensional.

They'd overdraw her lip to make it look more sexy. So her lips really were almost architecture, you know?

Sneak Peek: MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

I did. I found out she would use Vaseline all over her face, under her makeup, before she went on camera because it gave her a glow that she really liked. She also used this sort of like hormone cream that made her skin tighter, but the hormones in it actually gave her quite a bit of peach fuzz on her face.

The director would try to get her to remove it, but she insisted on keeping it because she thought it gave her a nice sort of a fuzzy glow around her face to make her look more ethereal. And it worked! You know, we all think of her using black eyeliner, but she actually used a dark brown eyeliner and used a white pencil on the inside of her eye to make her eye look larger. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Top 10 Bold Lips.

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The tip comes to a fine point, which is great for creating a retro cat eye. Instant Makeover: The only thing more memorable than her platinum blonde curls was Marilyn's lip color. Daily Inspiration: Who knows, you might even use it to create your own beauty mark. Celebs With Enviable Brows. The powder comes in Legendary, a pale soft coral, and The Perfect Cheek, a neutral pink beige.

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