Stuck on boot screen mac os x

Wait for your computer to boot into the operating system. Starting in Safe Mode also includes an automatic disk check to verify and repair any issues with the operating system software.

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If you boot into Safe Mode successfully, you can then shut down your computer and attempt to boot normally. To start in Safe Mode, shut down your computer and press the power button to restart; after you hear the start-up chime, press and hold the "Shift" key. Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple logo.

Use Disk Utility to check the status of your hard disk and make sure that you don't have a failing hard drive. Shut down your computer; restart and then hold down the "Command-R" keys until you see the OS X Recovery utility screen.

Select the "Disk Utility" option and select the "First Aid" tab. Select your hard drive from the sidebar and then click "Repair" to diagnose and repair the disk. If you have a failing hard drive, a notice displays telling you to back up your system and reformat the hard drive.

How to fix the MacBook white screen

Reinstalling Mac OS X fixes any corrupt system files and repairs the operating system without deleting your files, applications and other data. Restart and hold down the "Command-R" keys. After you access the OS X Recovery utility, you may need to select a Wi-Fi network so that your Mac can download the latest installation files. Select the "Reinstall OS X" option, click "Continue" and then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the reinstallation of your operating system.

My Mac Pro crashed last night while working. Later I tried startup disk selection. I did get the option to select the only once.

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So i moved on to Safemode. Even though it didnt boot completely in Safemode, it shutdown properly after displaying white screen for a while. After this, i moved to disk utility. It worked like breeze. The utility showed all the drives. I restarted the Mac. Remember do all this with Main Power plugged in. A few of the attempts were futile when we tried all this on battery power.

Mac Won’t Start: Progress Bar is Stuck

Thanks for the info! My issue happened after a system update, it was asking for a restart and I let it do it, after that it wouldn't start at all. I tried all steps above but only the "Reinstall Mac OS" worked for me. And it worked as expected, it download the OS, reinstalled, and everything is back normal, no changes to settings or software. I have the same problem. Only difference is there's no apple logo on center.

SOLVED: My mac is stuck on the white startup screen! - MacBook Pro 13" - iFixit

Till login is fine but after that its plain white screen. It also notify's me that my start up disc is full. Sometimes this white screen happens and sometimes it doesn't. Today I tried 17times and 5 times the same that you answered. Usually when white screen comes. I shutt down and restart. Then it works fine. But now it aint.

Mac White Screen: How To Fix Your Mac That Won’t Turn On

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Firstly you need to shut down your computer. Restart and then hold down the "Command-R" keys until you. Select the disc utility option and select the "First Aid" tab select your hard drive from the sidebar and then click on "Repair" to diagnose and repair the disc. I turn on and it goes straight to white screen.. Need to get my HW off of here!!!!

I tried all of these, and either ended up with the apple logo loading screen that just loads for hours and hours but never gets past it, or most often just get a grey prohibition sign circle with line through it , anyone else have this problem?? Can I still fix it? Kate Dennis. This blog might be helpful, please have a look: I'm experiencing the same issue and tried to resolve as Sydneybush suggested.

But I shut down the MacBook after checking the status in disk utility. It was unresponsive spin wheel was taking too long and after rebooting using all methods mentioned above the load screen appears with a blinking "? Honestly I'm at a loss now and need some help reinstalling OS X. I suggest using the cable.

You should really ask your own question on this. Nov 16, 1: Your next step is to book an appointment at your local AASP. If you are not aware of any please click Apple - Find Locations - Country Selector to begin finding one. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

Ask a question. User profile for user: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: As simple as that! These settings include sound volume, time zone, startup disk selection, and more. When your Mac finishes starting up, you should go to System Preferences and adjust some settings that were reset, such as time zone, display resolution, etc. Disk Utility can fix several disk problems, including the white screen on Mac.

You can click Show Details to get more information about the repairs. If all the approaches are failing and you still see that white screen on your Mac, you may need to reinstall your operating system. Only a fresh version of the macOS will be installed on your Mac again. Apart from cleaning your Mac from all the junk, it gives you access to all maintenance scripts that allow to quickly optimize the system performance and never worry about the health of your Mac. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed.