Tecla delete mac nao funciona

For more info on the AutoCorrect tab, see AutoCorrect options.

Apple pede desculpas pelos problemas nos teclados do MacBook

Just add a separate entry for each change. The AutoCorrect list applies across all the Office programs that support the AutoCorrect feature, which means that when you add or delete a word from the list in one Office program, the other Office programs are also affected. Click or tap in the list and type the first couple letters of the word or phrase to remove. In the Replace box, type the word to remove from the list. Select the entry from the list.


Select Delete. In the With box, type the correct spelling of the word.

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Select Add. Remove an entry from the AutoCorrect list Click or tap in the list and type the first couple letters of the word or phrase to remove.

Scroll to find and select the entry. Select the - sign. In the With column, type the correct spelling of the word.

Como configurar dispositivos sem fio da Apple atuais

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Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "tecla Command" Copy. Clique na margem. Para ordenar os ficheiros manualmente, clique no ficheiro.

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To reorder the files manually, click a file name with. While editing, pres s the Command C trl key myriadonline. Existem dois layouts de teclado para teclados US; o layout. Command C tr l signifi ca a tecla Command n o M acintosh [ Command Ctrl mean s Command k ey on M acintosh and C tr l [ Multiple words may be found by. B y means of memb ran e keypad C omm and 6 12 Art. This brings up a picture of th e keyboard , and. Para tanto, podem ser conectados por meio de plugs de.

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event.key === "Delete"

The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality.