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Get all your bases covered with help from this three-part video tutorial showing you exactly how to install Snow Leopard on your Mac. Snow Leopard was inroduced by Apple in June as the new predessesor of Leopar In this tutorial, we learn how to password protect a folder in Snow Leopard on your Mac. First, go to the finder and click on "utilities". Now go to "file, new, disk image from folder". Now, you can select the folder you want and then click "image".

This home-computing how-to will show you precisely how it's done. It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this clip can present a complete overview of the process in just over six and a half minutes' What's the easiest way to keep track of your website passwords? Maybe in a password-protected document on your computer?

Snow Leopard Windows 10 Theme -

Makes sense. But surprisingly, this is no easy task in Mac OS X. Snow Leopard does not have an easy one-click option for password protecting files and fold It's an easy process and this video presents a complete guide. For more information, including a full demonstration and detailed, step-by-step instructions, wa In this clip, you'll learn how to install Snow Leopard on a Dell Mini 10v PC, creating your very own hackintosh in the process.

So easy, in fact, that this home-computing how-to can present a complete, step-by-step overview of the process in a matter of a few minute This video demonstrates how easy it is to take a screenshot with shortcuts in Mac OS X. Pressing Command-Shift-3 will take a screenshot of the entire screen, while Command-Shift-4 will let you take a screenshot of just a selected area of the screen instead.

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For the latter, onc Begin by downloading the program from the link provided in the video description. Mac users Michael of michaelsherlock. We're reminded from the very beginning of the importance of backing up our entire system before beginning the installation. Once that's taken care First, you need to backup any useful data you have on your computer because it may be lost during the installation.

Snow Leopard Theme

In this video, we learn how to do a clean install of Snow Leopard. First, restart your Mac and when it gives you the chime, hold down the option key. Now, put the disc into the computer and it will load the disk. Click the disk, then it will boot from the Snow Leopard disk. This does not include how to exactly download Snow Leopard but it does, however, show how to install it from the USB drive.

Mahmood23 shows how you first setup your partition and how He takes extra time to emphasis the need to backup your files before proceeding with the customization, and reminds viewers to backup their files throughout the instructional video.

Reboot system. Confirm installation and agree with license. When prompted to select drive, select disk utility from menu bar. Select hard drive and click on erase button. Select Mac OS extended file system. Confirm erasi In this thirteen part, comprehensive overview of Mac's new operating system, Snow Leopard, you will learn everything you need to know to get started.

If you have recently upgraded or purchased a new system, you may benefit quite a bit from this series. Start at episode one and This video tutorial from bobby93macboy shows how to install Mac OS Leopard operating system and make it bootable. Hard drive partition - it's a logical sector of your whole hard disc which can be used as a separate hard disc. To make partitions, open Disc Utility using Spotl Add a Comment:.

Critique by Kradodeviant Nov 25, , AM. I love it but I don't get how to change the icons or the search bar. Please help. I'm new at theme but I hate Windows 8 flat borders and opacity. Any advice about installing replacement icons would be very helpful.

Aqua (user interface)

This theme is simply beautiful if I could only get the icons and the launcher at the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure that I'm putting the files in the proper place or in the correct way. Thanks for your hard work, look forward to your response. What do you think? Fair Unfair. No Replies. Devious Rating.

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Prev Next. The Artist has requested Critique on this Artwork Please sign up or login to post a critique. Load All Images. Mujtaba12 Featured By Owner Oct 7, I'll download it and let you know if it fixes anything, also does it replace any system files? I am unable to get it to work, I tried pressing "skin it! First unpin all items from your taskbar then apply finderbar and then press skin it. Icons is not a part of a theme. You are welcome, thank you. Yosemite also added a 'dark theme' you can turn on in the settings which makes the dock and menu bar black.

The white toolbar buttons regained a slightly glossy look, the spinning pinwheel was redesigned and the Vibrancy effect was reduced in certain areas, such as Mission Control. The system typeface was changed once more, to Apple's own San Francisco typeface, concurrent with iOS 9 and following the typeface's release in watchOS in April The Windows version of Safari, in version 3, included a functional Aqua look and feel that was very similar to macOS. As of version 4, a more Windows-like theme was employed using the standard Windows user interface controls and window border.

QuickTime for Windows uses the same theme as seen in older versions of QuickTime for macOS , with brushed-metal windows and Aqua buttons on top.

Mac OS X theme for WindowBlinds

Gray, white and blue are the three principal colors which define the Aqua style. Window toolbars, window backgrounds, buttons, menus and other interface elements are all found in either of these colors. For instance, toolbars and sidebars are often grey or metal-colored, window backgrounds and popup menus are white and buttons in older systems also scrollbar handles are accented with a bright blue. Users can choose a graphite appearance instead of the default blue one. When using the graphite appearance, controls have a slate -like, grey-blue or grey color, including the primary window controls which are red, yellow and green with the default appearance.

The appearance option was added at the behest of developers and users who found the blue appearance garish or unprofessional. Users can also freely choose a highlight color for text and file selection. Historically, Aqua had two window designs: the default Aqua windows and "brushed metal" windows. Aqua windows typically have a metal-like or gray titlebar with three buttons on the left side for closing, minimizing and zooming or entering fullscreen mode.

Mac Snow Leopard wallpapers for your PC

Visually, these buttons used to be placed on top, but later appeared 'sunken' into the window. Aqua windows have almost no frame or outside border, instead drop shadows are used to separate and distinguish active from inactive windows. The aesthetic of the window backgrounds changed from pin-striped to white backgrounds. Brushed-metal windows had a thick frame with a metallic texture or dark-gray background and sunken buttons and inner frames.

They had the additional property of being draggable at every point of the frame instead of just the titlebar and toolbar. Apple recommended brushed-metal windows for applications that mimic real-world devices such as iTunes or are used to interface with such devices such as iSync , [16] but was criticised by designers for not following its own guidelines or applying it inconsistently it was also used in Safari or Finder. In addition to titlebars, windows can also have toolbars with separate buttons.

How To Get The Best Mac OS X Leopard Theme For Windows 7

Up to Leopard, toolbars were visually separated from the titlebar and had the same background as the window frame or were pin-striped. OS X Yosemite brought a compacter version of the toolbar that fused the titlebar and toolbar together, made it shorter and removed the window title for example, in Safari 8 and later.

Drawers are accessory sidebar views that can slide out from any edge of a window except the top edge. They can be resized perpendicular to their window edge but follow the window's size in the other direction. Drawers were once frequently used to display controls and information that did not need to be always visible, but Apple now recommends against their use.

Sheets are dialog boxes that are modal to a specific window. When opened, they are thrust towards the user like a sheet of paper, hence the name.

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  6. They are partially transparent and focus attention on the content of the sheet. The parent window's controls are disabled until the sheet is dismissed, but the user is able to continue work in other windows including those in the same application while the sheet is open. Menus are backed with a slightly translucent solid gray, and when menu items are highlighted they appear blue.

    In application menus, which run in a single bar across the top of the screen , keyboard shortcuts appear to the right-hand side of the menu whilst the actual menu item is on the left. In Yosemite, the menus are much more translucent and have a blur effect. Drop down menus for use in windows themselves are also available in several varieties.

    The standard "pop up" menu is white with a blue end cap with opposing arrows, whilst 'pull down' menus only have one downward facing arrow in the end cap. Text boxes are black on white text with a sunken effect border. In addition to regular square text boxes, rounded search text boxes are available. For more extensive text requirements, there is also a multi-line text field.